Hyakki Yakoushou 29

Hyakki Yakoushou 29 – The Woman in The Light Crimson Kimono

Raws: Gecko
Translator: HamsterGod
Proofreader: MyGeriAmour
Cleaner: neira_yen
Redrawer: Nellie
Typesetter: neira_yen
Quality Checker: neira_yen

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Surprise. Surprise! We’re adopting so many new projects! LOL. This time, we’ve picked up a (probably) long-forgotten manga: Hyakki Yakoushou.

Summary: Ritsu inherited his sixth sense from his grandfather, along with a demon guardian named Blue Storm. Strange things just seem to happen around these two, and it’s left to them to get to the bottom of all these mysterious events. Each story is independent but features recurring characters you’ll come to know and appreciate as they, each in their own way, try to deal with things ‘not of this world’.

Well, if you like supernatural or slice-of-life, this is a must-read! Enjoy~