Doro 153 & Kasouba 10 – 11

Dorohedoro 153 – Hole-kun’s Counting Song

Raws: Kaiko
Translator: Kayla
Proofreader: Kaiko
Cleaner: lolo04
Redrawer: lolo04
Typesetter: Gayrell
Quality Checker: Caine

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Kasouba no Nai Machi ni Kane ga Naru Toki  10 – 11

Raws: Amtt
Translator: Morbid_Charade
Proofreader: Caine
Cleaner: Alenas
Redrawer: Alenas
Typesetter: Gayrell
Quality Checker: Alenas

Chapter 10 – In Dad’s Passenger Seat | MEGA
Chapter 11 – In Front of the Humid Station | MEGA
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Double release again today! Well, technically, triple if you count two chapters of Kasouba. Enjoy~

Dorohedoro 148

Dorohedoro 148 – Infernal Friend

Scanner: Kaiko
Translator: Kayla
Proofreader: Kaiko
Cleaner: lolo04
Typesetter: Gayrell
Quality Checker: Caine

MEGA | Read Online

Happy Halloween guys! So, we’re celebrating it with a new release of Doro! Fitting, isn’t it? Enjoy =D

Edit 1/11/16 – Sorry guys! I made a mistake and uploaded the wrong file format. Fixed it!