Quality Checker Position

Thank you for your interest in becoming a Quality Checker!

Q: What is a Quality Checker?
A: A Quality Checker (QC) is someone who goes over the basically finished product (translated, proofread, cleaned and typeset manga chapter) before deeming it ready to be released. A Quality Checker is also someone who has to have a good eye for details and basic knowledge of how to fix possible mistakes; ie. have a good understanding of grammar and spelling and at least basic skills in cleaning and typesetting.

Q: How do I become a Quality Checker?
A: You must pass the Quality Checker test. Please download the following file and complete the test inside. PLEASE SAVE AS PSD as well as PNG and NOTE DOWN all changes you made in a separate document (.doc, .rtf or .odt). Then, please email it to fallensyndicatescans@gmail.com. Good luck!

Quality Checker Test: Download

Q: Do I need Photoshop?
A: Yes.

Q: I finished reading everything above but I still don’t understand something! What now?
A: Please ask additional questions here so that more experienced staff members can help you.

Please do NOT post your test publicly anywhere. Please email it to fallensyndicatescans@gmail.com instead.

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