Red Raven 38

Red Raven 38 – Bonds

Scanner: Usha
Translator: Kolon
Proofreader: MyGeriAmour
Cleaner: Alenas
Redrawer: Alenas
Typesetter: Anndette
Quality Checker: Alenas

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Things are really heating up in the Red Raven world and we finally see the rest of the Ravens! And poor Sfoglia, too… Enjoy!

Chikotan 22 and 23

Chikotan, Kowareru 22-23

Raws: Public
Translator: Kurohayabusa
Proofreader: Dawnfira
Cleaner: Lolo04
Redrawer: Bigk40k
Typesetter: Bigk40k
Quality Checker: Dawnfira

Chapter 22 – Chiko’s Savior is Chiko?! | MEGA
Chapter 23 – Another Miyahara Chiko?! | MEGA
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Craziness ensues in two new Chikotan chapters! Enjoy~

Hyakki Yakoushou 28 Part 2

Hyakki Yakoushou 28 Part 2 – Cloud Shrouded Moon

Raws: Gecko
Translator: Viz
Proofreader: MyGeriAmour
Cleaner: achyif
Redrawer: neira_yen
Typesetter: neira_yen
Quality Checker: neira_yen

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Now then, some of you might be confused as of why 28 is released again (and “AFTER” 29). The reasons are:

  1. 28 was released by another group, and about 3/4 done. So, this second part is the 1/4 end of it.
  2. As for the ‘why 29 first’, is because Neira hadn’t read up to 28 yet when she proposed to pick this up. LOL.


Kasouba 14 – 16

Kasouba no Nai Machi ni Kane ga Naru Toki  14 – 16

Raws: Amtt
Translator: Morbid_Charade
Proofreader: Caine
Cleaner: Alenas
Redrawer: Alenas
Typesetter: Skye
Quality Checker: Alenas

Chapter 14 – “I Love You, Yuuto” | MEGA
Chapter 15 – Don’t Steal Saki’s Smile | MEGA
Chapter 16 – The Hand of the Clock | MEGA
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And we’re officially done with volume 1 of Kasouba! And yes, it really has 16 chapters lol. Look forward to reading more about the mysterious town and its residents soon in volume 2. Enjoy~

Q 15

Q 15 – Decisive Battle! Q vs. U7

Scanner: Usha
Translator: Unpro
Proofreader: Yukihana
Cleaner: neira_yen
Redrawer: neira_yen, Alenas
Typesetter: Yukihana
Quality Checker: Alenas

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And we’re on the last volume of Q! Moar mystery, moar action, moar….spreads that have to be merged and redrawn T_T
Anyway, what’s up with this new and strange Q showing up? What will Rem and the rest of the gang do? Are we going to see donuts ever again? Well, find out lol. Enjoy~

Sengoku Blood 13

Sengoku Blood 13

Scanner: Mai-Lynn
Translator: Morbid_Charade
Proofreader: Caine
Cleaner: Lolo04
Redrawer: Lolo04, Zaphyrae
Typesetter: Gayrell
Quality Checker: Alenas

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Another chapter of Sengoku Blood for you guys. Things have taken quite a dramatic turn in this one, right in the feels. Enjoy~