Telcel 6

Telcel: Terrestrial+Celestial 6

Raws: Kirishima’s Land
Translator: Yuurei
Proofreader: Scoople
Cleaner: lolo04
Redrawer: neira_yen & Alenas
Typesetter: Yukihana
Quality Checker: neira_yen

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Another adventure by the two mischievous students lol


Chikotan 26

Chikotan, Kowareru 26 – Girls’ Night Out at the Baths?!

Raws: Public
Translator: Kurohayabusa
Proofreader: Hannah Luong
Cleaner: Lolo04
Redrawer: Bigk40k
Typesetter: Bigk40k
Quality Checker: Dawnfira

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The girls take a trip to the public baths with Ousaka… what could go wrong?
Enjoy! ^^

Are You Alice? 49

Are you Alice? 49 – My Name Is… (2)

Raws: Leinaud
Translator: Morbid_Charade
Proofreader: Dogekac
Cleaner: Rukayex, StarryNight
Redrawer: StarryNight
Typesetter: PiggyPink44
Quality Checker: Usha

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Back on track with Are You Alice?. Lots of dialogue in this chapter and one absurdly huge and luxurious…mansion… Enjoy~

Red Raven 39 + Extra

Red Raven 39 + Extra – No Number

Scanner: Usha
Translator: Kolon
Proofreader: MyGeriAmour
Cleaner: Alenas
Redrawer: Alenas
Typesetter: Anndette
Quality Checker: Alenas

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New Red Raven chapter! This is the last one in this volume which means only one more volume to go! Andy gets some shocking revelations in this chapter. Also, Walter (and his bike) to the rescue! Enjoy~

1001 Knights 23

1001 Knights 23 

Raws: Usha
Translator: Quartney
Proofreader: Scoople
Cleaner: StarryNight
Redrawer: StarryNight
Typesetter: Skye
Quality Checker: Dawnfira

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Enjoy this new chapter of 1001 Knights, rife with thievery and bad marriage puns! ^^