Typesetter Position

Thanks for your interest in becoming a typesetter!

Q: What is a typesetter?
A: A typesetter is someone who transfers the proofread script onto the cleaned pages. A typesetter will arrange and style the text so that things look nice and are easy to read, while reflecting the format and style of the raws.

Q: How do I become a typesetter?
A: You must pass the typesetter test. Please download the following file and complete the test inside. PLEASE SAVE AS PSD as well as PNG. Then, please email it to fallensyndicatescans@gmail.com. Good luck!
Typesetter Test: Link 1 (Mega) or Link 2 (4shared)

Q: Do I need Photoshop?
A: Yes.

Q: I finished reading the test instructions. But how do I know what is good or bad typesetting?
A: One way to see what we’re looking for in good typesetters is to check out some of the recent manga that we have scanlated.
You can find them on our online reader (at Batoto). πŸ™‚
Another way is to read tutorials. Here are some that may help.
RHS –Β (Awesome!!) Typesetting Tutorial
Ruinevil’s (Ancient but apparently still good) Typesetting Tutorial
Deathsvertigo Cleaning & Typesetting Tutorials

Q: I finished reading everything above, including the instructions files. I checked out the tutorials. But I still don’t understand something! What now?
A: Please ask additional questions here so that more experienced staff members can help you.

Please do NOT post your test publicly anywhere. Please email it to fallensyndicatescans@gmail.com instead.

6 thoughts on “Typesetter Position

  1. Hello, I was trying to apply for the typesetter position. However, when I was taking the test… I could only do one-three. I couldn’t find five-seven anywhere. I’ve been searching for two hours, and I have Zyklus;Code series one-nine, so I’m not sure why I can’t find five-seven. Am I missing something, or should I keep looking for five-seven?


    • Hi, Teresa! Thank you for taking the test. Answering the question, the test consists of several pages from several titles and page 5-7 are not from ZC (it’s from Heika). I have downloaded the test pack and it has complete pages. I use Link 1 (Mega), by the way. Please try to download it again from the link I mentioned.

      If you still find problems or any other questions, please drop an email to fallensyndicatescans@gmail.com. Thanks πŸ˜€


  2. Hello, I’m doing the test, but I’m not sure what to do on pg 6. I’ve emailed you guys twice, but haven’t received a response yet.
    Could you help me?


    • Hi Kokone, I’m Ruka, admin of FS. πŸ™‚ I have replied to all the emails we received in our Gmail account (including those that somehow made it to spam). I have not received any emails from you. I’ve just sent you an email, please let me know if you receive it!

      As for Page 6: Please typeset the English text nicely, next to the Japanese text. The translator has included the first few phrases of each Japanese line, next to the corresponding English sentence, as a cue for what goes where. Please format the text style as closely as possible to the original (e.g. font color, drop shadows, strokes, gradients, outer glows, etc).


      • Hello Ruka. I received your email and replied to it. πŸ™‚
        I realized that the issue was that I was sending it to the wrong email. Sorry. I hope it gets through now.

        Thank you for the help!


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