Proofreader Position

Thanks for your interest in becoming a proofreader!

Please post here, or send an email to expressing your interest to apply. Soon, you will be contacted with a link to a translation file and a copy of the raw scans for reference.

Once you have received it, please proofread the translation. If you need to make any changes, please copy and paste and make your edits in a new line (duplicate of original). Then highlight, bold, change color, or do something different with the new line, so I know that’s the new one. If you notice any missing translations (for text bubbles, sfx, etc…) then please note the missing TL.

Once you are done with your test, please upload it to a file hosting site such as mediafire, mega, and so on. Then please email it to

Good luck to all who apply! 😀

Please do NOT post your test publicly anywhere.
Please email it to instead.

8 thoughts on “Proofreader Position

    • Yes. There is a test. However it’s still in the middle of revision. So, if you have sent us an email, please be patient. We will send you the test soon 🙂


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