Cleaner/Redrawer Positions

Thanks for your interest in becoming a cleaner and/or redrawer!

Q: What is a cleaner?
A: A cleaner is someone who takes the raw manga scan and makes it look presentable (and ready for the typesetter to put text on). This involves straightening, cropping, leveling, text removal, redrawing, and dust removal. It sometimes involves denoising as well.

Q: How do I become a cleaner?
A: You must pass the cleaner test. Please download the following file and complete the test inside. PLEASE SAVE AS PSD as well as PNG. Then, please email it to Good luck!
Cleaner Test: Download

Q: What is a redrawer?
A: A redrawer is someone who only redraws. They remove Japanese text that the cleaner has difficulty removing (i.e. because the text is on top of the picture). They also help to merge double page spreads by lining up the pages and redrawing the space in between.

Note: Some have mentioned that knowing how to use the Photoshop Line Tool is very helpful in redrawing while some others use Photoshop Pen Tool. Some also like to use a graphics tablet to redraw. Some people are able to redraw well without either of these.

Q: How do I become a redrawer?
A: You must pass the redrawer test. Please download the following file and complete the test inside. Then, please email it to Good luck!
Redrawer Test: Download

Q: What exactly is the difference between a cleaner and a redrawer?
A: Cleaners at Fallen Syndicate can typically redraw at least fairly well. Redrawers, however, are people who specialize in redrawing; they do not clean the pages, and they only remove text the cleaners cannot remove.

Q: Do I need Photoshop?
A: Yes.

Q: I finished reading the test instructions. But how do I know what is good or bad cleaning?
A: One way to see what we’re looking for in good cleaners is to check out some of the recent manga that we have scanlated.
You can find them on our online reader (at Batoto). 🙂

A good variety of good “before and after” examples can be found here.

Another way is to read tutorials. Here are some that may help.

“Modern” and pretty awesome Tutorial:
Sense Scans – Magazine Cleaning Tutorial

Ancient but basic Tutorial (may be a good place for beginners to start):
Ruinevil Cleaning Guide

Q: I finished reading everything above, including the instructions files. I checked out the tutorials. But I still don’t understand something! What now?
A: Please ask additional questions here so that more experienced staff members can help you.

Please do NOT post your test publicly anywhere. Please email it to instead.

27 thoughts on “Cleaner/Redrawer Positions

  1. Can you upload final result as jpg anywhere? It should not be a problem since we have to submit as psd or put something that impossible for recruit to remove such as crazy watermark


    • Hi, Maelstrom.

      Thank you for your interest in the position! I assume you’d like to know our standard? You can check out our released series. We also will not published the jpg publicly. However, you may try to ask for a sample by sending an email to Our admin will get back to you soon =D


  2. umm help me?

    An Error Has Occurred!
    The topic or board you are looking for appears to be either missing or off limits to you.


    Sense Scans – Magazine Cleaning Tutorial
    Sense Scans – Volume Cleaning 101


    • Ah, sorry. There’s nothing we can do to make it accessible because it seems that sense scans has limited their materials to members only…


  3. Excuse me, but I was curious about three things.
    1. Is there a certain type or version of photoshop I have to use?
    2. What do I put in the email other than the finished images?
    3. On page 01 and 02 should I clear up the pages to make them presentable or do I just clear the speech and SFX? (Curious because I can’t use filters to clean.)


    • Hello! Thanks for dropping by. Answering your questions…

      1. No, there’s no specific type of photoshop required, as long as you can do basic cleaning/redrawing like: selection, dodge, burn, brush, etc.
      2. You need to include the PSD (this is the most important one actually).
      3. If you don’t have topaz, you can specify this in the email and we’ll know. A cleaner’s job is to make the raw presentable, in fact. Meaning that: leveling it, clearing it from dust, rotating, etc. If you clear only speech and SFX, then you’re not cleaning, but redrawing. In that case, you may choose to apply as a redrawer instead.

      I hope I have answered all of your questions~

      If you have more, please drop an email to! Thanks!


  4. I have a question. Do I need to use Photoshop, or will any editing software suffice? I don’t have Photoshop, but I am able to clean with another program that has the same tools you would need for cleaning.


    • Yes. We use Photoshop. If you can send us the file in PSD format with all the layers intact, then I don’t see any problem with using other tools.


  5. i have a question and hope you could reply,
    > are you still looking for a redrawer?
    > if i am finish on redrawing, how long will it takes whether i’m in or not?
    > am i going to earn here?

    thank you


    • Hi!
      > We always welcome a new applicant. Especially TLor, CLer and RDer.
      > What do you mean by this question? Are you referring to ‘how fast’ we will be able release after you’re done RDing?
      > We earn gratitude. We’re a volunteering group. We earn nothing but some ‘thank you’ from our readers.


  6. hello i kinda dont understand what is the difference betwen thw cleaner and redrawer… cleaner acually draws and and redrawer actually just delete japanise texts and fixes levels soit look nice for the web?


    • No. Cleaning the text is the cleaner’s job. Redrawer’s job is to…well, redraw. For example, sfx or text above some background or pattern. The redrawer must draw back these BG and pattern lost due to the cleaning. Merging page is included in the RDer’s job. Meanwhile, CLer’s job covers: straighting, cropping, leveling, and bubble cleaning (only those without pattern recovering). However, normally, a cleaner is a redrawer too, to a certain extent. Although specialized redrawer usually can redraw complicated BG and pattern but can’t clean.


    • Cleaner and redrawer here.

      Neira already explained but yes – the cleaner’s job is a relatively more simple one – they rotate, crop, resize and level pages (by leveling, I mean the proper levels of black and white color on the page), as well as de-text bubbles and if possible/needed, remove some SFX that aren’t too demanding to remove.
      To illustrate better, this is what a cleaner usually does – it edits a page like this (Raw page) into a page that looks like this (Cleaned page)

      Redrawer’s job includes more demanding tasks such as merging two pages into one (which often includes redrawing the missing middle parts), cleaning bubbles that have patterns/textures in them and basically removing the text that’s on top of a background and redrawing that background again.
      Here are a few examples: Merge and textured bubbles
      This (Raw page) into this (Background redraw)

      Of course, some cleaners are also redrawers so you can apply for both positions or separately for just one. If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.


  7. Which option should one choose when using pen tool, shape or path? I feel like using path with stroke path makes the line too blurry which is a negative, so I wanted to ask.


  8. Hello ~ I’m actually trying to apply for Cleaning.. But… Is this a job where I can be paid off or not?
    And even if it’s not I still want to join? Are you guys still looking for one?


    • You will not get paid for it. It’s volunteering job. If you’re still interested even then, you can take the test and send an email as instructed in one of our pages 🙂


      • I still wanna apply. I don’t have that much experience and even that uhm…. Topaz thing plug in.
        I’m a little bit conflicted by this.
        Anyways thank you for the reply. I will try the test~ (。・ω・。)


    • I might send it late because of some adjustments and finishing some 3Ds.. Please be patient for me. ( TДT)
      And thanks!! 😊


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