Manga by Satoh Atsuki (Story & Art). Serialized in Young Ace magazine.

Summary: By using the Dark Gate, humans can entrust their hopes and needs to the darkness. The darkness they call upon is a great and evil power, known as “Demon.” WIth the help of his partner Miroku, the Demon Slayer Kisaki Senju will slaughter every last “Demon” that is called into existence.

Genres: Action, Seinen, Supernatural

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  • Chapter 1 | MF
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  • Chapter 3 | MF

Vermillion has been dropped by Fallen Syndicate due to lack of staff interest and resources. However, Fallen Syndicate has instead passed this project on to Substitute Scans for re-releasing using newly bought HQ volume raws. Substitute Scans is thus re-releasing Vermillion chapters 1-3 and then continuing with the rest on their own. For more chapters, please visit their site here