NO. 6


Manga by Asano Atsuko (Story) and Kino Hinoki (Art). Serialized in ARIA magazine.

Summary: The story is set in “No. 6,” a future model city in 2013. Raised as a top-ranking elite since the age of 2, a boy named Shion lives in an exclusive area in No. 6. On the night of his 12th birthday, he rescues a boy who calls himself “Nezumi” (“Rat”). Nezumi ran away from the city’s Special Security Area. From that moment on, Shion’s life is changed forever…

Genres: Action, Drama, Mystery, Psychological, Sci-Fi, Shounen-Ai, Tragedy

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Volume 1 Chapters 1-4 | BATCH DOWNLOAD

Volume 2 Chapters 5-

  • Chapter 5 | MF
  • Chapter 6 | MF