B.A.D. (Beyond Another Darkness)


Manga by Ayasota Keiji (Story), Sakakibara Sousou (Art). Serialized in Altima A magazine.

Summary: B.A.D. is:

Cruel and painful,
Ugly and beautiful,
A mysterious fantasy.

Will you love her?

Genres: Horror, Mystery, Psychological, Seinen, Supernatural

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  • Chapter 1 | MF
  • Chapter 2 | MF
  • Chapter 3 | MF
  • Chapter 4 | MF
  • Chapter 5 | MF
  • Chapter 6 | MF
  • Chapter 7 | MEGA

Note: Dropped after chapter 7. The manga itself was dropped around chapter 9 since the magazine it was in (Altima Ace) was discontinued. We stopped after Chapter 7 since it concluded the current arc and was a nice place to stop.