Ayahatori Shoukanjou


Manga by Kajiyama Mika. Serialized in the Asuka magazine.

Summary: Ayahatori-that is the given name of the family possessing a mysterious power. They have the power to be able to summon and use beings and people from secret ancient writings. During the Ayahatori initiation ceremony, high schooler Kozakura Saaya summons one of the three most beautiful women in the world, Ono no Komachi. However, what appears in front of her is a man with matchless beauty-!? (Source: Nevermore Scans)

Genres: Comedy, Drama, Fantasy, Romance, Shoujo, Supernatural

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Volume 1 Chapters 1-5

  • Chapter 01-02 | released by other scanlation groups
  • Chapter 03 | MF
  • Special 3.5 | MF
  • Chapter 04 | MF
  • Chapter 05 | Mega

Volume 2 Chapters 6-10 || BATCH DOWNLOAD

Volume 3 Chapters 11-14 || BATCH DOWNLOAD

Volume 4 Chapters 15-20 (END) || BATCH DOWNLOAD