Chikotan, Kowareru 17

Chikotan, Kowareru 17 – Those Wonderful, Lonely Days, Once Again!

Raws: Public
Translator: Kurohayabusa
Proofreader: Juubuntaitaichou
Cleaner: lolo04
Redrawer: Bigk40k
Typesetter: Bigk40k
Quality Checker: Juubuntaitaichou

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Haha. The Chiko-tan Defense Squad is surely amusing. :p Enjoy!


+C: Sword and Cornett APPENDix 1 – +C Sword and Edelweiss

Raws: Suika-san
Translator: kolon
Proofreader: fushigi
Cleaner: lolo04
Redrawer: lolo04
Typesetter: Ai Sakura
Quality Checker: neira_yen

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To everyone in the USA, Happy 4th of July! 🙂

Today we are seeing a familiar title: +C: Sword and Cornett, by Yugyoji Tama! This is the first chapter of its 1-volume APPENDix, published in 2014. Enjoy! 😀



Love So Life 104

Love So Life 104

Raws: Private
Translator: Geksri
Proofreader: Rukayex
Cleaner: Zack
Redrawer: Zack
Typesetter: blue3wind
Quality Checker: Rukayex

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Haha, cookies ❤ Akane so cute. Aoi so popular and smart haha. Enjoy!

P.S. Our lovely scanner had a family emergency…. so we are going with web raws for now. Will release a v2 with the HQ scans later. ^^