Jesus x Dogs 7

Jesus x Dogs 7 – Darkness and Lamplight

Scanner: Usha
Translator: HamsterGod
Proofreader: Hannah
Cleaner: Haruhui
Redrawer: Haruhui
Typesetter: Ari
Quality Checker: Usha

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Yay! Another chapter of Jesus x Dogs!!! Enjoy~

We’re also recruiting cleaners, typesetters and quality checkers so check out the recruitment page if you’re interested in joining. ^^


Amaama-kun no Okashi na Yuuwaku 4

Amaama-kun no Okashi na Yuuwaku 4 – When You Go, Macaron & When in Doubt, Botan

Raws: Public
Translator: Ceph
Proofreader: Amtt
Cleaner: Zaphyrae
Redrawer: Zaphyrae
Typesetter: Anndette
Quality Checker: Dawnfira, Ceph

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Such a hard manga to read when you’re on a diet! .-.

Enjoy! ^^

Kavukizumu [Oneshot]


Raws: Zaphyrae
Translator: Vis
Proofreader: Origami
Cleaner: Ruka
Redrawer: Zaphyrae
Typesetter: Snowy-Maëlle
Quality Checker: Dawnfira

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Please enjoy this super awesome one-shot we’ve been working on about the legacy of a great thief! Thanks to all the staff who worked on this, and hope you enjoy~

Also, we’re recruiting! Please check our recruitment page for more info ^_^

1001 Knights 24

1001 Knights – Chapter 24

Raws: Usha
Translator: Quartney
Proofreader: Yukihana
Cleaner: Shiv
Redrawers: Shiv, Zaphyrae
Typesetter: Skye
Quality Checker: Dawnfira

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The mystery surrounding Naito deepens! Enjoy this new chapter of 1001 Knights ^_^

And have a fun New Year’s Eve wherever you are! \(^o^)/

Momochi 19

Momochi-san Chi no Ayakashi Ouji 19

Scanner: Usha
Translator: Looseling
Proofreader: Yukihana
Cleaner: Shiv
Redrawer: Shiv
Typesetter: Yukihana
Quality Checker: Dawnfira

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Here’s a new chapter of Momochi! Aoi collects a debt while Momochi makes an important decision. Enjoy!

Eighth 39.1 + 39.5

Eighth 39.1-39.5

Raws: Kuma-Chan
Translator: Castellan
Proofreader: MyGeriAmour (39.1), Scoople (39.5)
Cleaner: Zack (39.1), Dawnfira (39.5)
Redrawer: Zack (39.1), Dawnfira (39.5)
Typesetter: Skye (39.1), Snowy-Maëlle (39.5)
Quality Checker: Dawnfira

Chapter 39.1 – Hallowe’en | MEGA
Chapter 39.5 – Governor of Eighth Research | MEGA
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A double extra release! One to put you in the Halloween mood and in the other, Mari tries to fill the chief’s shoes as we begin volume 11. Enjoy~

Chikotan 26

Chikotan, Kowareru 26 – Girls’ Night Out at the Baths?!

Raws: Public
Translator: Kurohayabusa
Proofreader: Hannah Luong
Cleaner: Lolo04
Redrawer: Bigk40k
Typesetter: Bigk40k
Quality Checker: Dawnfira

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The girls take a trip to the public baths with Ousaka… what could go wrong?
Enjoy! ^^