Eighth 39.1 + 39.5

Eighth 39.1-39.5

Raws: Kuma-Chan
Translator: Castellan
Proofreader: MyGeriAmour (39.1), Scoople (39.5)
Cleaner: Zack (39.1), Dawnfira (39.5)
Redrawer: Zack (39.1), Dawnfira (39.5)
Typesetter: Skye (39.1), Snowy-Maëlle (39.5)
Quality Checker: Dawnfira

Chapter 39.1 – Hallowe’en | MEGA
Chapter 39.5 – Governor of Eighth Research | MEGA
Read Online

A double extra release! One to put you in the Halloween mood and in the other, Mari tries to fill the chief’s shoes as we begin volume 11. Enjoy~

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