Amaama-kun 1-2

Amaama-kun no Okashi na Yuuwaku 1-2

Raws: Public
Translator: Ceph
Proofreader: Amtt
Cleaner: Zaphyrae
Redrawer: Zaphyrae
Typesetter: Gayrell
Quality Checker: dood

Chapter 1 – Maiden in Love and Mont Blanc | MEGA
Chapter 2 – Christmas Eve And Yule Log to the Rescue | MEGA
Read Online

Happy Easter guys! And we’ve adopted one new project. This one’s a joint with Golden Roze Scans.

Summary: Michihara Yutaka likes to eat but afraid of gaining weight. Katsuragi Botan likes to cook and gives food. Chances let Michihara to sit beside Katsuragi, her crush, and Katsuragi just loves to give her foods! What will happen to her diet (and love)?

If you like Shoujo, be sure to check this out. The art’s cute as hell XD



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