Toraneko Folklore 31-34 (End)

Toraneko Folklore 31 – Summer Holiday Charm Sequel
Toraneko Folklore 32 – Last Mission (1)
Toraneko Folklore 33 – Last Mission (2)
Toraneko Folklore 34 (End) – Last Mission (Final)

Scanner: Usha
Translator: Quartney
Proofreader: Scoople
Cleaner: Alenas
Redrawer: Alenas
Typesetter: Skye (31), Gayrell (32), Anndette (33 -34)
Quality Checker: Caine

TF 31 – MEGA
TF 32 – MEGA
TF 33 – MEGA
TF 34 (End) – MEGA

Read Online

Mass releases! Yay! It’s finally the end of Toraneko Folklore. It’s been a very long journey *sobs*. Thank you for sticking with us and TF!

Please support the Mangaka by purchasing the manga when it’s available for you. Also, kudos to the TF team for their dedication until the final release. You guys are awesome~

P.S. We’re recruiting QCer! Please email to if you’re interested!


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