husk of Eden 25

husk of Eden 25 – A Knight’s Pride – Part 2

Scanner: Obaa-san
Translator: Kayla
Proofreader: MyGeriAmour
Cleaner: StarryNight
Redrawer: StarryNight
Typesetter: eternal_skyez
Quality Checker:dood

MEGA | Read Online

Happy New Year! Well, a bit too soon, but who cares XD

Btw, just to clarify, this chapter’s title is (part 2) and before releasing, I have checked the previous’s and this chapter’s raws. They are indeed 24 and 25 and without the part 1. Why? Maybe misprint? I don’t know. It’ll be helpful if anyone can shed a light to this mystery lol

P.S. We’re recruiting Cleaner, Redrawer, Typesetter and QCer. Please visit this link if you’re interested!


4 thoughts on “husk of Eden 25

  1. Thank you so much for translating this, I could read the raws a long time ago but I never really knew what was going on ( I still have to improve my Japanese quite a bit 😂). Thank you so much for your amazing work ❤


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