Gun x Clover 46

Gun x Clover 46 – Third Eye

Raws: Kuma-chan
Translator: Castellan
Proofreader: Yukihana
Cleaner: Zack
Redrawer: Zack
Typesetter: Gayrell
Quality Checker: Juubuntaitaichou

MEGA | Read Online

P.S. We’re still recruiting proofreader, cleaner/redrawer and typesetter. Please apply!


7 thoughts on “Gun x Clover 46

  1. I was wondering if your continueing this series, I am willing to help out anyway possible because i love this manga, Dragons Rioting, and Otogi Taisen Fantasma but they seem to have all stalled in some fashion. If i could buy them Im willing to buy the from the author but alas I cant find them… Any info will be love and buying an asus slate soon for drawing, and may put together a team for scants…


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