Love So Life 105-106 (END)

Love So Life 105-106 (END)

Raws: Private
Translator: Geksri
Proofreader: Rukayex
Cleaner: Zack
Redrawer: Zack
Typesetter: blue3wind
Quality Checker: Rukayex

Chapter 105 Chapter 106 (END) | Read Online

Shiharu… ;~; Finally… the end…!!


15 thoughts on “Love So Life 105-106 (END)

  1. Thank you so much for all your hard work on this wonderful series!! Your scanlations have always been gorgeous and pleasant to read! I’ve read LSL for almost 4 years. Can’t believe it’s over. 😦

    Are there extras or anything? MAL says there are 111 chapters, and I’m a little confused on whether that includes the previous half-chapters, or if there are more extras coming.


  2. Chapter 105, page 6, 1st panel – is it supposed to be “It’s not like — *we* have anything –“?

    And thanks for the final chapters! Such a good series… Sad to see it end… 😐


  3. Thanks for translating the end of this series. I been following it for years, and now I finally have finished it. You did a fantastic job ^_^

    I do have a question though ? I notice there is one extra chapter 106.5 that focuses on Shiharu’s friend, Are there any plans to translate it in the future ? /gives puppy eyes ; ;

    lol I saw it on another site in Spanish, which I can’t read, and I don’t read Japanese either haha ; ; So hoping one day perhaps you guys might translate it.

    Thanks again ❤


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