Gun x Clover 40

Gun X Clover 40 – Re-Sports Festival

Raws: Kuma-chan
Translator: Castellan
Proofreader: Yukihana
Cleaner: lolo04
Redrawer: lolo04
Typesetter: Gayrell
Quality Checker: Juubuntaitaichou

DDL | MEGA | Read Online

Hi everyone, looks like we’re about to see a lot more activity here! You may recognize some new series being released, as well as new members in the credits pages! We’d like to welcome our friends from Japanzai, and look forward to new releases of Gun x Clover, Chikotan, Kowareru, Eighth, Love So Life, and Yugami-kun ni wa Tomodachi ga Inai!

Synopsis: Mikado High School trains the best students to be the best mercenary bodyguards. But Morito Hayama, a merc escort student with no rank whatsoever, is suddenly assigned to guard a person so highly valued that no escort has ever survived before. Will his subject survive the experience? Will HE survive?!



P.S. We are recruiting Japanese-to-English Translators! Please contact us at if interested!:)


9 thoughts on “Gun x Clover 40

  1. you guys are HEROES, THANK YOU for picking this up! You guys are setting the example of how the manga community SHOULD BE! NOT the constant bickering you see from other groups who try to play a stupid and frankly immature game calling “dibs” on material (i.e. we all know who they are)


  2. Thanks so much for picking this up! Was afraid it would die, but glad it got picked up and released in such high quality so quickly after. So excited and thanks again!


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