1/11 10

1/11 10 – Kase Hiroki

Scanner: Usha
Translator: Tofu
Proofreader: Tricky_Tryst
Cleaner: Rukayex
Redrawer: Touka, Ryn
Typesetter: PiggyPink44
Quality Checker: Rukayex

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Hi everyone, please check out 1/11 by Nakamura Takatoshi! :O This one’s a soccer manga, which actually has a pretty good story. O.O It’s completed at 9 volumes, though the first 3 volumes have been scanlated (and dropped) about 3 years ago by other groups. Here we are, picking up where they left off with Chapter 10, the first chapter of Volume 4! Enjoy! 🙂

Synopsis: “Andou Sora felt the limit to his talent, and quit soccer after middle school graduation. However, an encounter with Wakamiya Shiki, the representative of Japan’s national women’s team, moved something that slept deep inside Sora’s heart.”

P.S. We are recruiting Japanese-to-English Translators! Please contact us at fallensyndicatescans@gmail.com if interested!:)


7 thoughts on “1/11 10

  1. Shoujo sense has actually translated chapters 10 and 11 though the previous update was 2 months ago. Thanks for picking it up but please translate chapter 12 from here on after!


    • Hi Gin, thanks for letting us know! ^^ Unfortunately, since we’ve already halfway finished with chapter 11, I think we will probably just go in order as planned. ><


      • I think that’s for the best, actually. The original scanlators don’t have chapters 9 through to 11 available for download, anyway. 10 and 11 must have shown up when nobody really noticed, while 9 was translated years ago so most people have seen it.


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