Telcel 1

Telcel: Terrestrial+Celestial 1

Raws: Kirishima’s Land
Translator: HamsterGod
Proofreader: Bec Dailey
Cleaner: neira_yen
Redrawer: neira_yen
Typesetter: Yukihana
Quality Checker: neira_yen

MF | MEGA | Read Online

Telcel: Terrestrial+Celestial is by YUGYOJI Tama, the mangaka of +C: Sword and Cornett. The story looks promising, and the art is quite nice! Enjoy. 😛

Also, special thanks to Kirishima’s Land, who are providing raws for this series. They are re-translating this series into Italian. ^^

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9 thoughts on “Telcel 1

  1. Hi. Thank you so much to the scanlation team for working on such an obscure manga. This series looks promising, judging by chapter 1.

    If I can’t read Japanese.
    If I don’t have photoshop and don’t know how to use it anyway…

    How else can I be of help?


    • Hi there, we’re glad you like it too! 😀

      You can always apply as a proofreader! Though for now, we don’t really have anything that needs a proofreader. Telcel also has a full team so I think we’ll be okay team-wise. 🙂

      You can also donate if you want to contribute to buying other manga raws… or continue supporting us as a reader! 😀


      • Yikes! The email went into my junk mail and I just discovered it.

        Good to know that there’s a wonderful team backing up the series! A big thank you to all you selfless individuals!


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