Sengoku Blood 11

Sengoku Blood 11

Scanner: Mai-Lynn
Translator: Morbid_Charade
Proofreader: Bec Dailey
Cleaner: Jidan (Japanzai)
Redrawer: Hikari (Sweet Yaoi Fansub)
Typesetter: Gayrell
Quality Checker: Rukayex

MF | MEGA | Read Online

Special thanks to our guest cleaner/redrawer for this chapter! Also, unfortunately, this series and a few others are still on a very irregular release schedule, since the translator is on hiatus. 😦

In any case, we finally see girl-Karin again! What will Karin and Hideyoshi do about their old friend, Saitou Dousan? And… don’t tell me Yoshimoto still hasn’t realized that the “Nobunaga” he fell in love with is a girl!?


3 thoughts on “Sengoku Blood 11

    • Due to various reasons, we will not be having a substitute translator for this series. However, perhaps there is some good news? As of a few days ago, the translator said they would be back to translating more regularly starting now. >.< Let's hope that works out…!


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