Dorohedoro 140

Dorohedoro 140 – Devil Gambling

Scanner: Kaiko
Translator: Kayla
Proofreader: Kaiko
Cleaner: Rukayex
Typesetter: Gayrell
Quality Checker: Caine

MF | MEGA | Read Online

Poor Asu. Also, that title page… that’s some serious mushroom magic. @_@ Enjoy!

P.S. please consider donating towards the Dorohedoro All-Star Directory. However, since it was a limited edition guidebook, it was never sold in retail stores and was only available through an order form in Ikki Magazine. Now, it can only be bought via auction. The cost is now close to 200 USD.

P.S. #2. We are still recruiting, especially for Japanese Translators! Please apply if you’re able! 😀

P.S. #3. Hop on to our IRC channel #fallensyndicate to chat with any of us who are online!


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