Q 5

Q 5 – The Challenge of Year 20XX

Scanner: [K] Group
Translator: Unpro
Proofreader: Rukayex
Cleaner: StarryNight
Redrawers: StarryNight
Typesetter: Yukihana
Quality Checker: Rukayex

MF | MEGA | Read Online


Q is cute. Seriously. XD

This series by Shihira Tatsuya is another one that we are adopting from Substitute Scans, who had recently disbanded. According to MangaUpdates, the series is categorized as “action, scifi, and seinen,” further expanding our (formerly) limited number of non-shoujo series. XD

Fun fact, for those who are new to the series… Q, the title and the main character’s name, is spelled “Kuu” on the side, a pun for “to eat” — and no kidding, the main character has a voracious appetite for just about everything, from donuts to monsters. Check out the first few chapters on Batoto if you haven’t already!

P.S. We are still recruiting Japanese Translators, Cleaners/Redrawers, and Typesetters! Please apply if you’re able! 😀

P.S. #2. Hop on to our IRC channel #fallensyndicate to chat with any of us who are online!


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