Rolan 22

Rolan the Forgotten King 22 – Assassin 3

Scanner: banana_ice@livejournal
Translator: Cat Esquire
Proofreader: SharkTeeth
Cleaner: RobertoMochi
Redrawer: Pachoin
Typesetter: Tsukumo
Quality Checker: neira_yen

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Random event: A new Rolan chapter!?

Speaking of which… we are officially DROPPING Rolan the Forgotten King after Chapter 23. So just one more chapter to go. Sorry. We found Rolan to be just too forgettable, and trying to stay with him for several years hasn’t changed anything. It’s time to end this relationship for good…

If anyone else wants to continue from ch24+, please contact us at, and we can share what we have partially done for ch24-25. ^^


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