Fallen Syndicate Site Update

So it looks like our old site, fallensyndicate.com, is getting too old, sickly, and cranky. It’s time to let it retire. Likewise, we’re letting our old forum retire as well. From a reader/release perspective, that means all releases will be made here, and all download archives will be kept here as well.


8 thoughts on “Fallen Syndicate Site Update

  1. sooo.. you’ll upload old DL links from your old website too? (I’m asuming that’s what you mean by download archives.) I’m too late to download Akagami’s new chapter and now I can’t open your website anymore ;_;


  2. Alice and Hyouka: Currently, we have no DL links/archives on this site. You will eventually find them in this site’s “Projects” tab (for example, you can find Dorohedoro 137’s links in Projects > Ongoing > Dorohedoro). However, we will not have download links (archives) for past releases until after our old forum revives, since we will be taking all the links and summaries etc from there. ^^


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