Pandora Hearts 98

Pandora Hearts 98 – Retrace XCVIII: Reverberate

Translator: Kayla
Proofreader: EurydiceQ
Color Pages: Alenas
Cleaners: Mai-Lynn, Mei Chen
Redrawers: Mai-Lynn, Mei Chen
Typesetter: Rukayex
Quality Checker: Caine

[Links removed 12/24/15]

Hello hello~ Please enjoy this much-awaited chapter!! We’re very sorry for the delay. Also, since publishers have requested the takedown of PH releases on Batoto, we are not posting new PH releases there. As always, thanks for your support!


8 thoughts on “Pandora Hearts 98

  1. I saw the fall of the website. I think it shameful they attack scanilations when they *finally* get off their collective heads up their asses and pay attention to what fans want and then decide to make everyone should pay for their own shortsightedness. Money-hungry asshats.


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